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Nursing Homes and Care at Home Providers in Edinburgh

Updated: May 10

What are the Differences Between a Nursing Home and a Care at Home Provider?

In this post, we answer the above question for you, as well as provide some links and resources which will help you make the right decision of using the service of a Nursing Home in Edinburgh or if a home care provider is best for you if you are a senior living in Edinburgh or the surrounding area.

Care and Nursing Homes in Edinburgh

There are pros and cons to both types of care, so let’s look at these.

Care and Nursing Homes in Edinburgh

Below is a list of care homes recommended by the City of Edinburgh Council:

Edinburgh Nursing Homes

Edinburgh Nursing Homes

Abercorn Nursing Home

Belgrave Lodge Nursing Home

Belleville Lodge Nursing Home

Blenham House

Braeside House

Braid Hills Nursing Centre

Cairdean House

Cameron Park Nursing Home

Camilla House

Castlegreen Care Home

Chamberlain Nursing Home

Claremont Park Nursing Home

Cluny Lodge Nursing Home

Colinton Care Home

Edinburgh Erskine Home

Eildon Nursing Home

Forthland Lodge

Forward Vision

Gilmerton Care Home

Guthrie House Nursing Home

Letham Park

Lorimer House Nursing Home

Marian House

Milford House

Murrayfield House


St. Joseph's House

St. Margaret's Care Home - Four Seasons

St. Raphael's Nursing Home

Strachan House

Struan Lodge Nursing Home

Thorburn Manor

Tor Christian Nursing Home

Trinity Lodge

Victoria Manor Nursing Home

You can find more details about any of the above nursing homes by visiting the City Of Edinburgh Nursing Homes list.

Care and Nursing Homes in Edinburgh

Of course, not everybody wishes to go into a nursing home, and there are different things to consider. Let's look at some of the pros and cons of nursing homes.


  • A nursing home may be a much more modern environment than your current home

  • You will be surrounded by other people, which can offset loneliness

  • Care is provided 24 hours per day, but not 1 to 1, which is usually available with a care at-home package


  • Moving to a nursing home can be extremely stressful mentally

  • You may have to sell your home to pay for your nursing home care

  • A nursing home means you are confined to communal areas a lot of the time which means you may well be restricted in terms of privacy and alone time.

  • Care is not based on a schedule that you or your family choose

  • Greater risk of disease mixing with a large number of other seniors

Home Care Providers in Edinburgh

1st Focus Homecare is one of the leading care providers and support companies for seniors and elderly people living in Edinburgh.

We regularly feature in the top 5 list of care companies in Edinburgh. Below is a list of the best home care companies in Edinburgh.

Top 5 Home Care Providers in Edinburgh

When looking for a home care provider, we advise you to undertake some research. The list below is a good starting point.

1. 1st Focus Homecare

2. Home Instead

3. JB Agency Homecare

4. Home Help Me Care

5. Call-In Homecare

To learn more about the top 5 care companies in Edinburgh, you can read the reviews from the independent organisation

The key thing to think about if you are having your care needs met in your own home, is can you manage with limited support, or do you need a more robust support package?

As nursing homes are not the right choice for some people, the same can be said for home care. It does come down to a few critical things, your current health, your personal need for independence and privacy, and of course the issue of the cost of care.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of home care agencies and services.


  • You can obtain funding from the Scottish government if eligible for care. The amount you receive is dependent on the needs assessed by the Social Work Department. This funding can contribute to the cost of care at home if you are choosing your own care provider. This reduces the overall cost to you and lessens the risk of losing your home if you wish to stay independent as long as possible.

  • You can live in familiar surroundings which aids your mental health.

  • For some people, privacy is important, and having care at home offers you the option of having a carer for just a few hours per day.

  • This is a great way to get one-to-one care and build a relationship/friendship with your carer.

  • You also have the option of 24/7 live-in care if needed.


  • Basic medical facilities and services can be delivered quickly in a care home setting, however, you will still wait for any GP visits if needed.

  • Living on your own can be lonely for some people.

  • The costs of a residential care home are much higher than taking a care-at-home package.

Care and Nursing Homes in Edinburgh

What Does a Home Care Assistant Do?

If you have decided to use care in your own home, then it is important to understand what you can expect from a care assistant.

From the basic level of support, a care assistant may come in three to four times per day for a short visit each time.

A possible routine may look like this depending on how able-bodied you are.

Morning - Your carer would also help with hygiene needs like help in washing hands and face, or bathing and full body washes for people who are unable to manage this by themselves, as well as brushing teeth and taking care of fingernails and toenails. The assistant may come in and do some basic cleaning including washing dishes, hoovering and general cleaning up. They would also prepare your breakfast if required as well as help you to take any of your medications.

Lunch - This part of the day is the shorter period of the day with a care assistant likely to prepare lunch, help with toileting and any medication needs. They may also pop into the shops to pick up any food or other types of shopping you require. Some people like to have a care assistant stay longer in the afternoons as company while watching their favourite TV programme or just for somebody to talk to.

Dinner - A carer will give support in preparing your evening meal and to help with any toileting needs and any support with administering or taking medication.

Evening - In the evening session a care assistant may come in and tidy away any utensils and clean dishes used at dinner. If required, they will give help with medication needs. Finally, they will help with any bathing requirements and also assist you with support in getting into bed.

What do Families Need to Consider When Choosing Between a Nursing Home and a Home Care Provider?

The choice of moving a relative into a nursing home or caring for them yourself in conjunction with a home care provider is a difficult decision.

If you have an elderly parent, then it’s possible you may not be able to look after them due to your own physical limitations.

You need to consider the following factors when making a choice.

  1. Cost - It may be that you need to sell your parent's home or subsidise some of the cost yourself if the nursing home option is chosen.

  2. Location - Can you obtain a spot in a nursing home which is close by? If not, it means limited visiting for you and the fear of being deserted by the service user.

  3. Mental Health - Caring for an elderly relative can be mentally exhausting. Luckily, today there are plenty of support groups that you can access if you need help.

  4. Safety - Does the senior suffer from falls and potential injury? This can be alleviated to an extent by using a care-at-home service

  5. Quality of Life - Will a senior's quality of life be affected by moving away from their own home or will it be improved? This is also an important question for carers.


Q1: Can I get financial support for home care and/or nursing home services in Edinburgh?

A1: Yes, seniors can apply for a “means tested” support allowance which can either go towards a portion of nursing home care and is paid directly by the government. Alternatively, you can self-manage that budget if you wish to use a home care agency service.

Q2: Can I trust the service from a carer from a home care company?

A2: Care companies in Scotland are regularly checked by the Care Inspectorate. Staff at these companies are well-trained and vetted in Scotland by the PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) organisation

Q3: What types of activities are available in a nursing home?

A3: Nursing homes have a range of activities like exercise groups, arts and crafts classes and also group eating sessions.Q4. How can I decide which is the best option for me? A nursing home or a home care provider?

A4: The best advice is to make sure you visit the nursing home or meet the home care provider in your own home. Make a list of what you require from the care and request the provider to give examples and testimonials from similar families and service users.



1st Focus Care aims to bring seniors, the elderly, and their families, useful information to support them in later life and to help them live as active a lifestyle as possible.

One of the leading home care service providers in Edinburgh, 1st Focus Homecare is available to act as a care provider and support you with your daily living needs.

Feel free to call, and we can arrange to visit you for a chat to learn more about you and your care needs.



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