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Meal preparation

Meal Preparation

Personal Care

Personal Care

Medication assistance

Medication Assistance

Around the house service

Around the House

Dementia care

Dementia Care

Home Care Services

1st Focus Homecare provide a flexible and tailored range of home care services in the Edinburgh local area. Domiciliary care is an umbrella term which covers various home care services. We offer a range of social care services including helping with everyday tasks such as assisting with washing and dressing, preparing meals, through to live in care. Each persons care needs vary depending on their care needs assessment with some clients for example only needing visits to assist with getting in and out of bed, through to someone who requires a live in carer. If you or your family require domiciliary care, we can help arrange home care. Our personalised care plan will be built around you and your care needs and all of our customers have a person centred care and support plan created to meet their needs.  After initial contact we like to meet all of our clients in advance to discuss their needs and this will be done in your own home at your convenience. This meeting enables us to establish how much of your own care you can manage. We will discuss what everyday tasks we can support you with and we will also discuss your health needs and what you expect from a homecare agency.

home care services edinburgh
home help companionship services edinburgh

Everything we do is to support an individual to live their life to the fullest and remain in their own home for as long as possible. There are many benefits of having a paid carer or personal assistant visit you in your own home. Some customers don't always have friends or family close by and with having someone visit you in your own home it allows you to retain your independence and live in your own home with your home comforts. A care companion can assist with going to social clubs, visit friends and family or escort you to doctor or hospital appointments. You may decide that you only need 1 or 2 visits a week or as a one off treat to visit friends or family. We can also arrange to support you with travelling home if you are leaving hospital. If you speak to one of the office team they will be more than happy to talk you through the options available.

All of our staff receive a high standard in training in which includes personal care. Personal care can include assisting individuals to get up out of bed and ready in the morning or going to bed at night, it can also include helping with showering, dressing and grooming, shaving and hair care. The personal care provided to each client is individual to them and depends on a persons own abilities which can be effected by their health or any illness they live with at home. We attempt to send the same carers whenever possible and with having the same carer visit this ensure that your care visits should make you feel as comfortable as possible.

home help personal care edinburgh
home help care at home edinburgh
  • washing and ironing
  • Vacuuming, dusting and polishing
  • Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens
  • Shopping
  • Care of pot plants and gardening
  • Cooking and meal preparation

We know that good nutrition helps us to live a good life – but we know that due to older age or illness, individuals may overlook meals, find preparation too difficult or simply forgot to eat without friends or family around to prompt them.  At 1st Focus Homecare we understand the importance of a good diet and want to ensure that individuals can get involved as much as possible in preparing and enjoying home cooked food. We know that supporting independence is important to living a happy life and our carers will be responsive to your own abilities when it come to meal choices and preparation.

home help meal preperation service
home help medication assistance edinburgh

Medication support is normally assessed by the local council and makes up a part of most care assessments. Medication support ranges from a prompt to take medication through to administration of medicines due to a person no longer being able to manage and understand their medication needs for example where they have dementia or Alzheimers. All of our carers receive medication training and have the skills that meet the recommendation set out by the City of Edinburgh Council and the Care Inspectorate.

1st Focus Homecare have specialist experience of supporting individuals, and their families, living with dementia.  We understand the range of support and care required for individuals going through what can often be confusing, frightening and lonely and are here to talk about what is important to you or your loved one and what you require from a care and support plan.  Our aim is to help to manage the symptoms of dementia so that you can retain as much independence as possible, and also offer peace of mind and comfort to individuals’ loved ones in times of need.

dementia care edinburgh

What Next?

Sometimes a little helping hand around the house can allow an individual to focus their energy on the things that really matter to them, and 1st Focus Homecare offer a range of homecare services including:

Arranging home care can be a daunting process, if you feel that you would like a real alternative to residential care and think that having a paid carer in your own home would be of benefit, or if you are just looking for advice on arranging home care then please feel free to contact our office at 0131 510 7878 where we can discuss your care needs.

 If we think we can help you or your loved one, we can arrange to meet you in your own home in person to assess your care needs. Not only can we arrange homecare for you or a family member, we can also give advice on how to access the local authority financial assessment and how to organise direct payments. Not everyone can afford to pay for their own care, but the local council can provide direct payments which allow people to organise their personal budget so they can choose from the various home care providers in the Edinburgh area.

 Once an assessment of your care needs has been carried out, we can then build your care plan so that we can deliver the care and support to the high standards that we believe everyone should have access to.

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