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home care edinburgh

Helping families deliver home care and support in their own homes. Where to start with care at home?

Home Care Edinburgh

There are a multitude of local care companies working in Edinburgh and 1st Focus Homecare is a company that has always strived to be one of the top care at home organisations in the city. Social care providers in Edinburgh offer a range of domiciliary care services for the elderly living at home to assist with their everyday life and everyday tasks. 1st Focus Homecare offer a range of home care services which can benefit you or a loved one. We currently work closely with the local council (The City of Edinburgh) and the NHS where we take on care and support packages in the community and people waiting to be discharged from the hospital.

Care at home vs care homes

Getting older can be a difficult time and some people require assistance to enjoy everyday life and everyday tasks. Not everyone is ready to move into residential care and for some, the idea of moving into a care home may not be appealing. Although there are many benefits to residential care, these can all be replicated in your own home. A person's care needs vary depending on the person and any illness they live with and we can support you or a loved one to spend time in their own community, close to family and friends and most importantly, allow them to remain at home to live as independently as possible.


Home care can provide support services ranging from personal care and support to respite care for a family member or live-in care and for those who are looking for an alternative to residential care. With care at home, you receive 1 to 1 care whereas, in a care home, there is a higher ratio of carer to service user. We really believe that we can deliver an alternative to a care home giving everyone involved peace of mind.

Can I arrange my own home care?

For some families organising care and support at home can be a daunting prospect, not to mention how they are going to pay for the care their loved one deserves. Local councils provide their own care service but we feel we deliver a premium service in comparison.


At 1st Focus, we can support you or a family member arrange care via the local authority. You may be eligible for financial support from the local council to cover some of the costs involved or in some cases all of the costs depending on your needs assessment. We can give advice on direct payments and help you decide whether home care is an affordable alternative to care homes.


We can discuss the costs involved and arrange for an assessment of your care needs. The cost involved in care can at times appear high, but we fully understand that some people can manage their own care and we try and ensure the people using our service remain as independent as possible, and we would never pressure people into paying for more care than they require.


Once we have your needs assessment completed we can then build a care plan and arrange a carer or personal assistant. If you require emergency care or your family or friends who help require emergency respite care, we can arrange that also.

Our care staff

Our staff know how important caregiving is for you in every way possible. 1st Focus Homecare offers the highest-quality care for you and your family or loved ones.


We are extremely selective when recruiting candidates for our local care staff. 1st Focus Homecare believe a happy, dedicated and motivated workforce makes for a positive client experience.


We have a rigorous recruitment process, extensive training and development, and ongoing assessment and support process for all our carer workers so you know you will be in safe hands. Although we can't always guarantee the same carer every day, all of our staff are trained to the high standard that you, your family and loved ones would expect and will definitely meet your care needs.

Home Care Services

There are many different types of service, for example :

What next?

If you feel that 1st Focus Homecare is a company you can trust, please feel free to contact our office on 0131 510 7878 where we can discuss your care needs.

If we think we can help you or your loved one, we can arrange to meet you in your home in person to assess your care needs. Once an agreement is in place either with you privately or via the local council, we will build you a care and support plan and agree on a start date.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or look at our FAQ page.

Home care Edinburgh

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