Funding and Payment

1st Focus Homecare charge rates are highly competitive and we provide care at home through Self Directed Support or privately funded individuals, or a combination of both.  Contact our team at any point and we can discuss our charge rates.


Self Directed Support


You can find out more about Self Directed Support at:-




The Act requires local authorities to offer people four choices:


Option 1: You ask the local authority to provide you with a direct payment, also known as a personal budget, which you can use to pay for support yourself from 1st Focus Homecare.


Option 2: Your funding is allocated to a provider of your choice, also known as an Individual Service Fund (ISF), and ask the care provider to manage the budget – although you are in charge of how you spend it. 


Option 3: The council can arrange a service for you. The council will manage the budget and choose the provider.


Option 4: You ask the local authority for a mix of these options for different types of support


Further information


You can get further information about Self Directed Support and how it can apply to your circumstances by contacting 1st Focus Homecare.

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